Taylor Oakland

Owner & Calligrapher

As you read this, picture me sitting across the table from you sipping on an almond milk latte or a glass of champagne, depending on the time of day. Above anything else you should know that I love people and nothing would make me happier than sitting across the table getting to know Y-O-U! In the mean time, here's a bit about me: 

I got my start as a calligrapher during my own wedding planning experience. We planned our wedding at the same time as I reached a crossroads in my career. I was in need of a creative outlet to channel some energy into as I processed the changes of marriage and remaking my career: Enter calligraphy! After drooling over the Instagram feeds of famous calligraphers, I finally decided to try my hand at lettering. From my first class, I fell in love! 

When I am not doing calligraphy, I am a School Counselor at a middle school. I am passionate about my students and love helping them become the best version of themselves! As a type A person who loves to do lists, the messy, beautiful, ambiguous process of working with people never provides a place to check off a box on your to do list. Calligraphy scratches this itch. Alongside you as my client, I can take a vision that you have for your wedding, event or home and walk alongside you to bring that vision to completion. 

When I am not creating I can be found reading Brené Brown, watching the Real Housewives (preferably RHONY), sweating it out at Corepower Yoga, or finding a new hidden gem restaurant on Yelp to try.  I am married to the most wonderful man who loves and supports me far more than I deserve. We love Jesus with our whole hearts and will always place Him first in our lives. Enough about me already, let's connect so I can learn more about YOU! 


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